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Do you know your skin type!!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

You wish to make right decisions about your skin, then knowing it inside out is absolutely necessary. Be it a skin care treatment, which is suitable for your specific skin needs or any beauty product that you pick off the shelf, knowing how it’s going to affect your skin is extremely important. The initial quality or type of your skin is genetically determined , meaning that you are born with it. But your skin’s quality and health largely depends on what you eat and how you take care of yourself. Here’s a secret, one of the most effective shortcuts to always looking great is to understand the tips and trick on how to identify skin type. Once you know it, you can match it with the best recommended methods to improve your look and slow the aging process. To determine your type, use a simple skin care tip/test – with a clean facial tissue wipe your face in the morning when you have just woken up and check the result on how to know your skin type.

NORMAL SKIN If your skin belongs to this type, the tissue will show no traces of oil. Your skin will feel vibrant, elastic, and supple. Normal skin is the least problematic type. It looks clean and smooth and has a good circulation and healthy complexion. Even with minimum care, it will look good even when you age.

  • DRY SKIN If your skin is dry, the paper will be clean, but your face skin will feel dry, and tight. This type of skin is very prone to ageing rather prematurely and can easily develop wrinkles and fine pores. On the outside, it might still look great, but, to keep it healthy, you will have to take extra care of it thorough care with natural skin care tips, masks and moisturizers.

  • OILY SKIN If your skin is oily, the paper will show have spots of oil on it, mostly on the corresponding to the areas of your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Oily skin causes a lot of problems - with open pores, it usually looks greasy, thick, coarse, shiny, and tends to break into acne. On the bright side, oily skin is not prone much to aging and wrinkling. Nevertheless, minimizing of carbohydrate consumption, and avoiding rich creams can be helpful in improving the quality of this skin type.

  • COMBINATION SKIN Like a majority of women, if your skin falls under this category, the tissues will have traces of oil coming from your nose and forehead, but the areas that touched your cheeks will be clean. Combination skin is a mix of both dry and oily skin which requires different types of care with respect to different facial areas. Dry zones, which are usually located on the cheeks and around the eyes, should be treated with rich creams and moisturizers, while oily areas, usually on the forehead and nose, will benefit from frequent and thorough cleaning.

  • SENSITIVE SKIN Sensitive skin is usually extremely tender and becomes inflamed and irritated easily. This type of skin develops reddish and scaly areas and prone to and is prone to breaking into spots. It is the most problematic and fragile type of skin, which needs a very special type of care. If your skin falls under this category, make sure to get the appropriate body products for this skin type by doing proper research beforehand.

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